Gebr. Maas & Son from Zundert have delivered a large range of top performances over the decades. What naturally stands out are the 5 national victories that were achieved on the toughest marathon flights. The Maas family is proud of this and who knows what lies ahead. The passion and drive with which the pigeons are cared for by Carla and Cor every day will certainly be the cause. Add to that the quality of the pigeons and the indispensable role of Jacko, which certainly make the chances of new successes possible.


We became winners of the International Bony Barcelona Cup 2020!


The legendary hen Lady Barcelona wins the title of GOLDEN BARCELONA PIGEON over the years 2016, 2017 & 2018.


The 1st NPO Bordeaux was won with the cock Carla’s surprise and this was good for the 7th National.


The 5th National victory won from National Narbonne (hens), our hen Voske Narbonne took care of this!


The 4th National victory, on the Mont de Marsan flight! Again with warm weather and head wind! It was our hen Pia who won this victory!


The 3rd National victory, and this on National Perpignan (hens), our hen Corrie is a class pigeon that already had many top prizes behind her name. This Perpignan also entered the books as a very tough flight!

The big hit came in 2001!

Then we won the memorable flight from National Pau! To date, the toughest Pau of all time with a speed of 750 mpm. Our Armstrong won the 1st National with very hot weather and a strong Northeast wind.


The 1st National victory from Bordeaux with our hen Janske!


Winner of 5th National Tarbes.